Green Blood Indeed

Sept. 12

Finally, it's my OFF! Yahoo! After my shift, I've waited for my dear sister Mamu coz' I want my hubby to meet him. I've told Jojo everything about this gay este guy, how he crack jokes, how he lives his life, and how hard he tries to hide his true personality. Actually, Jojo really feels that he is not gay. Well, if you could only see him...he looks like a matinee idol with mustache and beard like a real tough guy. But what lies beneath those mustache shows the answer and unless you have a "radar" for third sex, you would never think that he is in fact a she.

Anyways, off we went to MiniStop where my hubby is waiting and because me and mamu is so kikay, we planned a scheme. He would put his hands around my shoulder and I would put my hands on his hip as we approach Jojo and pretend we were shocked to see him. I want to know what his reaction would be. While walking, I thought of fooling mamu and told him that the guy next to the pole is Jojo, I saw the funny look on Mamu's eyes as I know that the guy's physical features does'nt match his criteria. He was about to approach the guy when I finally said that I was just joking. Hahahaah! We were laughing and teasing each other at that point when I saw Jojo looking at us...furious. Off we went to his direction and pretended not to notice him. Jojo called me up, without a smile that he usually wears, and told me we have to go home. This is the first time I saw Jojo like that and before anything else happens, I had to confess. I told him that the guy I am with is the "mamu" I've been telling him... at first he did not buy it but when "Mamu" laughed the "gayish" way... Jojo laughed along with him and most likely realized how foolish he was to think Mamu is my "kalaguyo". Hahaha! We talked about what happened at the bus and laughed at the foolish idea Jojo had in mind. But one thing bothered me... Jojo said Mamu is pretty...hmmmm.....(i'm scared!)

Anyways, the real Mamu - my mother - came at the house and we ate our favorite Sinigang na ulo ng Maya maya for lunch. Slept all day and worked on my blogs all night. Had a very touching post on my other blog emotera about how much a father loves his son. Check it out! Good night everyone, it's almost 5 am here. Need to sleep. God Bless!


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