It Rained So Hard

Sept. 9, 2008

I again went back to my old birdie template. I was kind'a bored with the previous pink girly template that I had before on this site so I picked my "used to be" template and put a lot of colorful things on it and I was pleased on the outcome. I hope this would inspire me to post more on this "personal" blog of mine. Anyways, I came to the office 20 minutes before my shift as I promised my coach I wont be late anymore. I need to make this promise so that my coach won't issue an NTE (Notice to Explain) regarding the 2 consecutive days I was late for more than an hour. Unfortunately, when the time came that I need to logged in to my avaya phone to take HN calls, I've noticed my Avaya (phone) is not working. Oh nooooh! I panicked so I just logged in t mytoto (digital time card) and just fixed my avaya phone... too late, I was able to fix my phone 2 minutes later. I hope coach wont notice I'm late again today. Haaaay.

Anyways, it's raining really hard yesterday. I and my boyfriend ( and my life partner) Jojo, who never failed to accompany me in going to the office, had a hard time on our way to the office. I am really not comfortable commuting and walking on a wet road. Good thing, my Jojo is always there to accompany me. I know I'm not a child anymore who can't go to the office all by herself but I think the time we spend everyday commuting through to my office gave us time to bond and talk about our relationship. Though it's really expensive having to spend for transportation for two instead of one, I think it's all worth it. We're able to enjoy an hour everyday talking and bonding on the bus just enjoying each other's company. My shift is not that hard, I was able to fix most of my member's issues. Had a kulitan time with Mamu - my gay teammate who looks like Rudy Fernandez and since Rudy is called Daboy - I fondly call her Da-gay. Ahahahaha! I'm so clever when it comes to those kind of jokes. I bet if I am not in Tech Support... I guess I am working in a comedy bar with different Dagays like Mamu. Hahahahaa!

I love this day as I was able to write 2 posts for 2 of my personal blogs. I was able to eat Adobong Manok with my beloved and was able to receive a call from both of my parents. Thank you Lord for a wonderful morning. Amen.


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