My Professional Plans

SEPT. 26,2008

I'm back! Finally, I had the time to blog again. How's everyone? Well life at the office has been pretty fine as I was able to bond with my new teammates. The mood is light again after one of my closest friend Gherj, left the office to follow her dream to be a computer programmer. Yesterday, Coach gave me a coaching session and gave me several options if ever I would stay in the company for the coming years. He is pushing me to apply for a TL position in the future in which I am kind'a hesitant. I am not the kind of person who wants responsibilities...of course, it would be an honor to be promoted to such position but I know for a fact that "to whom much is given, much is expected" which is synonymous to prestige and high salary and sleepless nights, stress, and overtime work. I know what I want - manageable time...enough cash...quality time with the family and so far, I can say I have those three...but if ever I would opt for a higher position such as TL - I can only achieve one of those which is not that really important to me - big cash. Anyways, I'll just cross the bridge when I get there, I know and believe that everything works according to God's will. Actually, my plan is to retire from work after 3 years and just concentrate on my online job as a full time blogger and I also want to have a small business that would sustain my finances and would act as a fallback especially if things dont work the way I expected it on my online job. Why do I want to do this and complicate things? Because I want a flexible time, I don't want to be stuck on my tiny cubicle for the next 20 years for 9 hours a day watching the world go round. I believe that we only live once and our days are very limited...we might as well do things that we would enjoy and spend as much time as we could with our family.

By the way, our shift is now from 4am to 1pm and we are now moved to DSL que from our previous split which is HOME NETWORKING which means...more modems to support, more troubleshooting skills required and more rapport required as the calls that we would normally get would be from those people who are tired from work and wants to have some consolation by getting online only to find out that they are not connected. Our job not only requires technical skills but communication skills and empathy as well. Yeah, some might think of it as a stressful job...but for me, for the past few months - I feel I am really enjoying what I do (at least for now). I just have one difficulty right now, my shift. Since my shift starts at 4 am - I need to walk for 10 minutes before getting to the bus station and it would take me about 30 minutes to get an aircon bus. It's really tiring and what's worse is that when it's really very hard to walk especially on a slippery road and most of the time my pants would often get wet and dirty. That is one of my greatest challenges now that my house is very far from my place of work. I feel that this is the best time for me to invest for my transportation. Since I was able to save some from my online money making experiment, I am planning to buy a second hand car. It would be a good investment and would really ease my burden of the hardship of going to and fro the office. If my money won't be enough to buy even a second hand car, I would opt for a car loan and would get the best car loan rate there is so I could get the best deal. As I said on my previous post, having a car is God's will for me - it would materialize.


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