Not So Good Day for Me

SEPT. 29,2008

I don't really feel well today. Actually, I came home before 4:00 am and luckily I was able to see one of my teammates and had the chance to seat next to them. I had 2 sup calls on the first 3 hours of my day, my head is aching throughout my shift, we ate at Mcdo spending a hundred bucks for a meal I should've not ordered...imagine, they charge P10 for a small chicken gravy! I thought I already passed my scorecard only to find out that another "Very Dissatisfied" survey came which is really not intended for me. I had a coaching session with my very considerate TL and I he said he would have it exempted for ADP. ADP is like a performance evaluation...if your are on ADP - you need to pass the next three consecutive scorecards to still continue to work for Convergys - and a lot of people, including my friends, was'nt able to pass it which means... they need to find a place to work elsewhere. I don't want to leave CVG now...not in the next 3 years. I intend to get my retirement plan which I could get once I reached my fifth year then I would have my early retirement and do whatever I want to do in life. That's my plan for now and it's such a relief when my TL told me he won't allow me to be on ADP because he believes on my capabilities. That's my consolation...though I won't get an extra P2000 for my performance incentive for this's enough to know my stay in Convergys would be secure for the next 3 months. I, with my gay friends - Mark and Mamu, went home together and on my way home - my not so spill proof mug spilled coffee all over my bag...I hate it! And finally, one last not so good thing happened is that an opps for $5 for a 50 word review had expired...noooh! The post is so easy as I just need to post an entry about travelling to France and I just need to put in one link. Hay... I don't know jinx there is on this day and things are not going the way I intend it to be. I hope there will be a 360 degree turn of events tomorrow and I hope everything will be ok. Amen.


Anonymous said…
Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?


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