VGH Again After Ten Years!

Sept. 10

ahahaha! i never really expected that we'll gonna be on VGH (Voluntary Go Home) @ exactly 2:30 am. Besides the fact that I am late (again!!!) today... it's been almost like ten years since I last had one. Well yeah, every night especially whenever my stats are passing - I would normally file for VGH but they are seldom approved. One of the possibilities is either the que wont allow us or there are some teams that will have their for meeting for the day. Just soooo lucky today that our team filed first among others so we got the slot! I was so happy and decided to go home early at around 3 am after I take my lunch. Sadly, when I texted Jojo he did'nt respond. I tried calling him up on his cellphone and even on their home phone (jojo slept at his mother's place last night) but he is not answering. I need to speak with him so he could fetch me and we can go home together. I tried so many times to reach him but I think he is sleeping sooo soundly that he can't hear the ring of his phone. Good thing, my new teammates ( and new found friends too!) stayed and together we went to Mcdo for lunch. I'm happy that though we've lost a dear friend on the team, God gave us friends from the team as well to help us move on. Here are some glimpse of our bonding at Mcdo.

Our New Proud Kapamilyas...Melai (Ara Mina) and Franc (Diet fresh from a taping...)

Love Triangle (Perly, Ice and Mamu) - di sila mga talo noh! I can see green blood everywhere!

New Sorority Neophytes... Perl, Mamu , Melai and Franc with Master Ice and Master Mimi (sarap o hirap? nyahahahaah!) naOOP ba sa picture na ito? Sa tingin nyo???

It was a blessing in disguise that Jojo did'nt take my call because I had a real good time with my new teammates especially with my sisterrette Mamu (ano bang magnet meron ako sa mga badinggarzi?) After lunch, I just went back to the office and tried calling my sleepy hubby again. Jojo finally answered my call at exactly 5:00 am (and take note: 50% awake lang sya promise! Windang pa ang lolo nyo) and hindi mapakali sa kakasorry dahil hindi sya nagising sa level 5 na ringtone nya, duh. We just met at Munoz because it will him about an hour to go to the office to fetch me so I might as well meet him halfway. It's still raining sporadically but I hope the weather will be fine tonight. Just bought Jollibee pancakes on our way home and spent my waking hours watching a ghastly film on DVD "Rest Stop" which by the way is not my type of film (so brutal) and watched 3 full episodes of House (nice series, two thumbs up!) Good thing I still have all these energy to blog at 11:00 am....which reminds me, I need to sleep. I hope I can have more time to blog tomorrow (my off!) Good day everyone!


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