Bonding Moment with My Sistah!


Another day at the office has ended... I am so tired. I had a lot of calls today and I am exhausted. Good thing, I am seated next to my gay friend Mamu which makes the shift enjoyable. We joke around most of the time and made "okray" our teammates and each other as well. As you all know, Mamu just recently came "out of the box" and just recently did he realized that he is indeed a "mermaid" (lol!). We ate at Guadix with Franc - one of our teammates and I've eaten bacon and egg. So yummy and it cost me only P64 with large iced tea na yun. Very affordable and very delicious pa! Anyways, after shift...we again had our lamyerda @ Gale. I intend to buy an outfit for our forthcoming team building on Sunday and also I would treat mamu for lunch as a token of appreciation because he agreed to be on a 1 am shift instead of having a 12mn shift w/c he originally have so that we could be together as I would be on 1:30 am shift. I really miss his (?) kabaklaan as he had his vacation leave last week for 9 days!(he was out of the office for 9 whole days including offs). We strolled along Gale but I was'nt able to see any cute outfit so I just decided to buy accessories instead while he had his ear pierced. Anyways, after the window shopping and all those, we ate at Shakeys. It was a hearty lunch and we had a very nice conversation ofcourse with matching okrayan and harutan on the side. Mamu is like a younger sister(?) to me...I even told him that I want to have a gay brother and I think the reason why we clicked so well is because I want my younger brother to be like him. Of course I won't force my little bro to be a gay, buy you know what, as early as now (he is already 9 years old), I can see the tendencies in him. Hehehe. Well, I just hope whatever gender he wants to have...I would support him all the way the way I support Mamu my friend.

Jojo fetched me at Munoz after the lakwatsa session. The whole afternoon was spent fixing the subwoofer speaker that we have connected to the pc and I am so pleased that we now have a mini entertainment chuva since I am so pleased with the outcome and the sound from the computer is now so clear. It's like we are watching a movie in an actual movie house because of the subwoofer. I actually want to watch a movie on the net right now but it's almost 5:30 pm and I still have my shift at 1:30 am so I think I need to sleep now. Well, not yet, I would still eat my favorite rice with tuna toppings that Jojo prepared and I'll gonna rest na. Good night everyone!

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Tey said…
Hi mimilanie emotera, musta na? I hope to see new update here next time
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