2:32 pm, Monday

I don't know why I don't normally go out on my rest day and prefer going out the day before my shift. Maybe because I am so lazy dressing up especially if it's my off. I would rather stay at home and work on my blog that to go to the mall. That only proves that I am indeed a home body...would rather stay home and do something productive that spend my time, energy and money on something that is really not that important. Anyways, had my pedicure and manicure a while ago and just bought an earphone for my cellphone. It's also a great time for me and my Jojo to bond as we strolled along Waltermart. We talked about our future plans and what we've agreed upon is that - he instead of me, will be the one to work abroad. I would ask my sister, who is working in Singapore along with her husband to help Jojo find a job in a hotel. Anyway, my brother is law is also working right now in a Hotel, I hope there is still a vacancy. Second option is for him to work in Dubai where his cousin is presently working (in a hotel as well). I want him to work abroad for 2 years while I am here, working still (just not so sure if on the same company). And finally after 2 years and after saving enough money...Jojo will go back and we would be married and would start a family. At that time, we would open a business and I that's the perfect time to resign from my job and just c0ncentrate on my online venture. I am dying in anticipation! I hope all these plans we have is also God's plan for us. I really would love to retire early and would like to do things I love to do. Life is too short to do things which are really not important. I think I need to hold on to my dreams and I know everything will fall into it's proper place. Amen.

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Tey said…
I like you mimilanie because everythin that goes into your mind are the same as mine. I also thinking of retiring early and would rather stay at home to blog. Have a great day my friend
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