OCTOBER 10,2008

Well, it's my 2nd Year Anniversary it the office. I made it! I am really looking forward to spend at least 2 years in a call center as I plan to apply for the same position in Singapore. Although I celebrated our 2nd year...seems everything was plain and ordinary like before. Well, I had my friends with me at the office, its given, but I really don't feel anything special about this...well yeah I did feel something head ached terribly on the last hour of my shift. We are having a lot of avail time after 11:00 am and I was'nt able to get any call after 11:30 am till 1:00 PM. Actually, I want to celebrate sana this day with Mamu and Ice lang but my head ached terribly so I think I need to postpone for next payday. I lend P500 pala on one of my teammates...feeling good Samaritan me because she said she need it for the weekend and since I still have some extra, from my online job, I willingly volunteered. I went home so hungry and tired. After a hearty lunch prepared for me by my better half, we had some videoke session because I was'nt able to enjoy our new videoke cd because when Mamu, my gay friend, went to our place and spent the night with us...he never gave me a chance to sing because he feels he is the star of the night. But its okey, its nice to know that Mamu enjoyed his stay with us even though Jojo's friend backed out. Jojo's kada was suppposed to join us on our drinking session and Mamu anticipated that already, but on the last minute...they backed out. Maybe they knew that theres no girls here, just a gay would be waiting for them...hahaha! Anyways, the shift was light and okey...just had one hard headed member who is not willing to bypass a router that we don't support but all in all...the shift was fine. Had a team lunch @ Guadix with our coach and the day went well. It's also one of my good friend, Dennis, last day at the office because of ADP (again!)
and one more batchmate is gone. How long can I hold on to this pain of seeing close friends leaving the used to be "house" we live in? I am really weighing my options, my friend Mamu said we can go to Singapore since my sister is already there...she might want to adopt us for a month and once we already found a job...we can rent our own place. That's a good idea indeed but I am not yet so sure if my heart is ready for that. I don't know how to be alone without my hubby. He's been like everything to me and does everything for me (literally).
I don't know if I could survive even a month without him... Anyways, enough of those future plans... Mamu and I decided to just enjoy our October and leave all these thought till' November. I hope and pray God's plan will overrule every plans I have for my own good. Amen.

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Tey said…
wow congrats, It is good to stay in the compay for as long as you can. It's good for your record. I have been in my company for almost 7 years now.
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Anonymous said…
My friend.. we will go a long long way and we will not stay on our cubicles for long.. the future awaits! time is never an adversary. im glad weve met really. love you mimi
Joy0z said…
Congrats. It's not easy to stay longer in a call center company especially if you're an agent with graveyard work.

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