What Keeps Me Busy?


I've been very busy these past two weeks...not because of work but because of extra curricular activities..hahaha! we've been going out with my officemates for almost two weeks now almost everyday every after shift...and it's really draining my energy. I was'nt able to blog for almost 15 days and I lost so many opportunites on the net. Well, I think it's all worth it. I am really thankful to God that he gave me such wonderful friends in the office and it really made me look forward for every shift because I would be able to be with them. I nearly lost my drive to work in my current company until they came...and I am sooo happy that I stayed.

By the way, I would most likey start to work tomorrow after my shift. I would first fix my schedule and I would get all the opps I can get. I don't know if I would still opt for a laptop as a Christmas gift for myself... I am still thinking about it. I am planning to save my 13th month pay for our savings...I am planning to retire in 3 years time and I would like to save P500,000 in that span of time. Well, thanks for always visiting my blog though there are no new updates - will resume blogging tomorrow.


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