The Hardest One Month

My friend Mamu will be on LOA the whole month of February. Haaay, I don't know how can I endure the whole month without my gayest friend. Anyways I know that he really needs rest and he need to take care of his family for the whole month so it's fine. Anyways, it's good that I still have Melai, PJ and Ice at the office to keep me sane. It's hard going to the office with nothing to look forward to and nobody to laugh with. I only been without Mamu for 5 days but I can see a lot of improvements. First, I now go to the office almost 20 minutes before my actual shift so I can have a seat next to my friends. Second, I am now adhering to my scheduled breaks and lunch which is almost impossible for me to do with Mamu around. Third, the hold time is not that high because I have nobody to talk with and giggle with on those petty, little crazy things...and last but not the least, NO MAXCAP for 5 days. Phew! That is something! I think I can now have a 4.0 on my scorecard this month...hahahaha! But you know what, I would rather be with "mah gurl" and to just "barely pass my scorecard" than to get a "whooping scorecard of 4.0" without him. Nothing compares with spending your time with someone who can make you laugh and giggle on even the corniest jokes. It's hard not to be with someone who treats you as a family ...Mamuyac definitely would be missed. =(

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