New Years Resolution

Hey everyone! How's your new year? I'm sorry I was'nt able to post any new entries for the longest time. It's just that I've been so busy with work. I am also easily get tired. Usually my routine after I get home from work at 3PM...I normally would have a quick lunch then check some emails and whoala...sleep. I don't get to exercise anymore. I prefer sleeping after a big meal...which I know is bad for my health. Good thing, I with my friends decided to enroll in a gym next to our office at Holiday Inn. The gym is called Red Corner. It's good because we just need to form a group of 10 so we can avail of their package. We would just need to pay P3k for a three month use of the gym, sauna and even swimming pool. It's just that we need to divide the group into two because only 5 (from the group) can get to use the gym for a day. I am so excited, its just good that I already have a gym shoes. I just need to buy some shirts and jogging pants for it. I hope I can lose these extra 30 lbs that I have and I hope I could lose all of it this 2009! Amen.

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