Our shift is very light today. We have ample avail time and we even had a meeting with our coach about SOPAS "State of the Program Address" where he discussed how well we did as an AT&T Vendor and what to improve on metric wise. There is a slight tension on the last part of the meeting between Mamu and Coach but everything was properly addressed just before our shift ended. I had a lot of opps to do today. Almost 7 all in all. I was'nt able to blog yesterday as I am sooo tired. I slept at around 5:00 PM and asked Jojo to wake me up at 6:00 PM. I remember hearing Jojo subconciously asking me to wake up but my eyes are heavy that I just asked for another one hour extension. I woke up and was surprised when I looked on the clock and realized that it's already 11:00 PM! I slept for 6 hours now and still have 4.5 hours before my usual wake up time. I just saw SOCO and slept at around 12:30 PM. One more thing, I completely gave up on my recently purchased ipod mini because it is not powering up and praise God it did worked last night. You don't know how thrilled I am seeing the light lit up on my ipod again. I nearly lost hope. I asked my hubby to look for a replacement battery but no luck. I'm just happy I don't need to have it fixed. I saved almost a thousand bucks.

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