A New Diet Plan

It's our payday yesterday and I am sooo happy because I was able to buy stuff for myself @ SM North with Jojo...at last! I bought a cute blouse for my everyday wear.... (I can wear it with slacks or with a tight jeans) , I also bought something for my diet scheme...I had a Zhen de Zhou authentic slimming tablet from a Chinese Store. This tablet promised to make me slimmer by 10 pounds by just consuming ten pieces (a tablet a day). So hopefully come June, I would then should have lost my 40 lbs and I would be back on my ideal weight of 130 lbs! I know it would take a lot of effort and I hope this time...I could make it. By the way, I also bought Kankunis slimming tea to help me in digestion. Hope this diet plan would work for me. Amen!

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