Special Friendship

I really am so blessed to have friends like Mamu, Melai, Chow and Perl. I don't know why I am so attached with them. I felt that what we have is not a temporary friendship but something that I intend to keep forever. Last February 22, on my 29th birthday celebration...PJ showed me a video he made himself. It comprises of our pictures together with our barkada and captions along with it. I was really touched. What really shocked me is the 2nd video he made. It contains video messages of almost ten people...most are my teammates and some are friends. I was sooo surprised to the max. I never thought that someone would do such a thing for me...taking time out to interview people about me just to make me happy. I am so happy to have found them. Thank you Lord, most of all, for giving those people to my life. AMen.