Certified "HOUSE" Addict

I am currently addicted to another tv series - after "Despereate Housewives"...we were able to find another very interesting story. - "House". After work, while eating lunch with my dear hubby, we would forget about "Parekoy", "Pieta" and even "La Traicion" just to watch it. Though I'm not really interested in medicines and medical practices - I was stunned by how " Dr. House" the main character was able to solve mysterious health cases and I'm fascinated by how Dr. House was able to cure people despite of his harsh manners. We're on the last episodes of Season 2, I can't wait till we start watching "Season 3". I've learned that it is now on it's Fourth Season. It's nice to go home looking forward in doing or watching something you enjoy. That's what gives me good vibes everyday.. a simple thing but helpful.


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