Stressed Me

A lot of things are coming to my mind lately. I don't know why I can't organize my thoughts these past few days...maybe it's true that stress really drains your brain. I often feel tired after work and I don't do anything at home but to surf the internet and watch television. I think I would try buying one of those Stress Relief devices to help me ease my stress and fatigue. I was informed that I also need to do some exercise daily and eat more fruits and vegetables. I think this started when the volume of calls poured out last week. We were being reskilled from one split to another and it is really a pain in the ass. I don't know how long can I endure working in a very dynamic environment as the call center industry but here's where the money is. I guess I would just stick to the plan of staying for 3 more that way, I can save for my future and I can get an early retirement. Speaking of future plan, my coach gave me my appraisal sheet a while ago and I am happy with my increase, he also told me one thing - he asked me to apply for a Mentor position! He asked me to think it over as it would really open a lot of doors for me especially now that I intend to have a lateral transfer on a site closer to where I live. Well, I would really need to think it over. I am not ready for any responsibilities right now and I don't want to be tied up to something I am not prepared of. I would tell him my decision tomorrow...but for now - I need to sleep early. I still have my shift at 4:00 am tomorrow. Good Night!

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