Well, I know I've mentioned it a couple of times here that I would improve this blog. I admit - I failed. But I am taking my chances again and I would like to try one more time. Makulit ako eh, hehehe. So I would now change the actual THEME of this blog and this would now serve as my "ONLINE DIARY". Yup, I would not blog everyday (or if there is a chance). I would like to post everything that happens in my life here in this very blog. I would like to be as honest as possible and I would post at least 4x a week. Well, I write down all my plans so I would be constantly reminded. Hahaha! Nope, seriously blogging used to be my passion and not earning moolah. I hope I could post entertaining posts and I pray that someday, somehow - I could touch the lives of my readers through this blog. Goodluck to me.

So mga pare't mare na usual na napapadaan sa aking humble I present to you the new
and improved...

Glitter Words



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