Welcome to the Christian World EMPOY!

Last May 31st, we celebrated Emerson's baptism. It was a very simple celebration and thanksgiving as well as we offer our dear angel's life to Christ. I and Jojo came to the house in Montalban Rizal at around 9 am as Mama said the ceremony would start at around 12nn right after the church service. We brought pasalubongs such as Puto and Bibingka as well as 5 pcs big Tukneneng ( a street food which is made of hard boiled egg fired with orange skin thingy). Mama and Tita Beth went to the church ahead of us and the rest of the gang would just wait in the house to accompany Kuya Edwin's family to the church. Kuya Edwin and family came at around 12 NN and we hurriedly went straight to the small church on the hill and they call it "Mount Zion". For the first time in five years, I was able to set my feet in a Christian Church and it really feels good. After the preaching and the service, the baptism ceremony started. It was the simplest and the plainest baptism I've ever witnessed. There were only 3 godparents - Ate Melody, Kuya Ronnie and my dear Jojo. After the ceremony, we went to Ever Gotesco Commonwealth for lunch. It's like a child was born in all of us as we just opt to order Supermeal from Jollibee which comprises of fried chicken, palabok, brownies, rice and iced tea instead of eating in a fancy restaurant. Besides the fact na nakatipid si mama sa handa (hehehe), the kiddos were also very happy as they were able to see Jollibee (hahaha).

I was so amazed to see Empoy raise his hand while we are all praying for him. As if he is saying "Lord, I offer my life to you. Bahala ka na sa akin, bro!". A very touching sight.

We pray God would touch the heart of my brother so that he may be able to guide Empoy in the right path. I hope God would be able to help him raise his child.

the whole gang posing with the pastor
It's me! Ang ganda ng view dito grabe. You can feel God's spirit moving in this place.

Kainan na!


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