3 Celebrations in A Week!

Grabe, last week was so busy for me as there are so many things to celebrate for us. I myself can't believe that I attended 3 tomaan sessions with my friends in a week. It's indeed a week of fun, laughter and lots of bottles of beer!

We'll the first time was not really planned. Since our shift before was from 4am to 1pm - we would normally go out after shift during paydays. We would treat ourselves with lunch at Gale and would have a bottle of beer or two. But since we are now on night shift (from 10 pm to 7am) - we decided to just wait for our salary till 10 am and just spend the time wating in a bar, and most of the time it would be @ Cafe Agogo along Julio Vargas Ortigas. We would just chill and order a bucket of san mig light and order our favorite breakfast Spanish Omelet. As I mentioned on my other post, I love Cafe Agogo because of their comfortable chairs, cozy bar, dim lights and the food! They do have a promo everyday from 9am to 11 am where 3 bottles of San Mig Light would only cost us P35/bottle. I also love their Spanish Omelet with Iced tea which cost us only P69. So I think all in all, it just cost me P150 (max) to chill, laugh and have a relaxing moments with my friends. We decided to meet up here once a wekk just to unwind. On this occassion, I'm with my officemates Sam, Ice, PJ and Melai with our boss TL Paul. We spent our morning while waiting for the pay @ Cafe Agogo talking about office affairs, lovelife and some other interesting topics.

with icey and melai dearboss, me, icey, melai and pj

The second time we decided to celebrate was when our Coach was promoted to TL2. Almost the whole team is present. We went to Yoohoo Bar in Metrowalk and upon seeing the menu - we were amazed on how affordable it is here. A bottle of San Mig would only cost you P25 and they do have a variety of menus to choose from which price ranges from P40 to P150! The ambience is not that cozy, it's not even airconditioned but the view on the 2nd floor is superb. I ordered a fried chicken menu that cost me only P60 while the rest ordered grilled liempo for the same price. We had a blast and an enjoyable time especially when two other TLs came and organized a very naughty game which took all our ears and attention. Haha! Later after our crazy tomaan session, I met a friend @ Robinsons Galleria and had a quick lunch with him @ Pizza Hut.

feeling nasa Singapore! Haha, thanks Gherj for the bag!

ang saya saya!

ayan kasama na si boss

with the girls with Sam

And finally, just last Saturday... Me and my girls Melai and Ice decided to enjoy our early morning restday again at our favorite hang out Cafe Agogo. We talked about our lovelife, things @ the office and just joke around. We decided to also meet Dianne, our previous officemate who already resigned. It was a day full of emotions and it's nice to see my dear friend Dara again. I feel her pain and I really pray that God would give her the desires of her heart very soon.

kami ulit in fairness...addiction na ito!

ayan with Dear Dara na

Thank you Lord for giving us reasons to celebrate everyday! You are indeed good all the time!

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