Had A Naughty Chat with Mamu and Melai

Just after I woke up at around 1am, I with Mamu and Melai had a voice chat conversation thru YM. We talked and laughed about what's going on in the office and what crazy thing mamu does on those times he is not working. Melai had some issues with her computer so she could only hear us but is only responding by typing in to the chatroom as the microphone on her headset is not working. We chatted for almost an hour while my hubby prepares our dinner. Along with the conversation, I decided to share the picture of our "soon to be" business location so I could get his idea if the place is ok. We are thinking of getting a small store space in front of our house so we could start our mini eatery. So while I was sharing the photos, I saw something on the screen... a picture of a man without any clothes! I was stunned and later on realized that Mamu is sharing pictures too! Hahaha! He is also sharing pictures to me through photo sharing! I was kinda stunned by it and decided to maximize the page so I could have a better view (LOL) but just as I was ready to close the page...my hubby entered the room and told me that I need to close the computer immediately. My hubby is really not into that kind of thing. He is the most KJ person I've ever known and pornography is a NO NO! It's not that he is the holy type of man, it's just that since we started reading the Bible together... he feels that he need not do or think or hear or see anything that would corrupt his mind. He is so disappointed as he thought I am really the one who is looking into the net, searching for such pictures. His initial reaction was devastated and disappointed but I immediately told him that my gay friend is the one who puts those pics on the screen... and he understands. He know how flirt my gay bestfriend is and he just laughed at himself after realizing why he needs to be devastated and angry.

Moral of the story: Photo Sharing can cause misunderstanding among couples especially pag KJ asawa mo. Yun na!


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