My New Room

Yehey! At last I was able to change the look and feel of my room. Yey! I am able to arrange all my books, I was able to discard those clothes that does'nt fit me well (I had tons of them), and I was also able to find those things I've been looking for a long time (nasa ilalim lang pala sila ng kama all along) LOL! After cleaning up the entire room, I fell asleep because of that very tiring task. I feel more comfortable and relaxed now. I promised myself that I would buy some cute stuff for my room on payday. I will also purchase some Office Furniture for my online job such as office tables and chairs and I would like to have pink ones or at least those furniture with bright and happy colors. I want to make it a real "girls room"! Maybe the reason behind this obsession of mine to make my room beautiful is that I missed having one when I was little. I never had a room of my own. I would always share the room with my sister and my mother and I never had my own bed until I was 20. That's how tough our life was before as we only have 3 rooms in the house before, one for me and my mom plus my sister, one for my brother and my dad and the other one was for our boarders. Yup, to have both ends meet mother was forced to turn the other room into a boarding room so we could pay the electricity and other necessities in the house. Well, enough of those dramas. I will post some of my "dramas" on the next posts.

What inspire me to have a room renovation is one of my friends in facebook. She just recently posted pics of her room and I admire her for being so organized. I can see that her things were neatly arranged and the way she cares for her things were unbelievable. Her creativity also shows in the room as she has a cork board with lots of key chains and a post it showing her thoughts. I can't describe enough how I envy her creativity and her personality really shows on her room. I wish I can adopt her creativity and uniqueness I hope I can make my room a real representation of me...jolly, happy and outspoken. Check out some of the pics of how my room looks like after I cleaned it for almost two hours.

i feel that the room got colder and cozier after i cleaned it...nawala ang mga alikabok haha!

nailabas ko na rin sa wakas ang aking tweety na kumot

organized na para as akin yan...hahaha, hindi lang halata...

i also made a collage of my friends pictures with me...these are the pictures i saw in the shoebox

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malensky said…
mimi, hinde mo ba kami na-mi-miss?

we super miss you na, kita kits naman
Jac said…
wow very organize, nice room

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