My Little Dream House

I and my friends Melai and Sam is planning to get a house of our own. Well, getting a house and lot of my own has always been my dream since I was young. I often dream of having my own room as I would like to have it painted pink. I would adorn it with accessories and I would make sure that it would be the most comfortable place in the world for me. But since I entered this current relationship of mine which would probably lead to marriage...getting a house that we could call ours became a necessity. I browsed through the net and found a simple and cute low cost housing located at Caloocan City. I found it very affordable as it would only cost me almost P4100 payable in 30 years to own that property. It is a 50 sqm property, with house and lot, with provision for one bedroom at the loft. Though the lot area is not that big, I guess a little bit of imagination and creativity would work with it. I already have a plan in mind on how I would beautify this house. I would paint it with pink, blue and green to have that colorful effect. I would buy colorful Rugs, pillows and curtains to have a jolly effect. Once I was able to pay at least 1/4 of the price of the house, I would save so I could remodel the house and build a second floor with two rooms. One for me and my hubby and the second room would be for my children. I also would build a room on the first floor and would maximize the floor area of the property for my mother. Just thinking of what I could to improve the house excites me.

Here's some of the photo's of the house I've been referring to.

this is the front view. I prefer pink instead of blue paint

there's the kitchen and the dining table and the sofa. i need to buy small furnitures because of the limited floor area.

i think i need to buy a smaller sofa than this...

and a wood type dining table. I would buy some Area Rugs to adorn the floor.

here's the 2nd floor. It would be the master bedroom...

it's a good idea to buy this type of bed as the ceiling on the 2nd floor is not that high.

We'll gonna visit the site next week. I really pray I could get a flood free house with a good community. I need not a very big house, a small but organized and colorful house would be enough for me and my future family. I would just accessorize it with Cheap Rugs and colorful curtains. I'm so excited.


Renz Taburada said…
Wow, that's a very nice house!
I hope the area is flood free as it is proven that calamities can be deadly and might cost our lives. So it is necessary to live in places out of flood and other calamities.

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