Marriage Made In Heaven

I've always dreamed of having a wedding of my own someday. To be able to submit myself to the man God has ordained for me. To be able to celebrate our love with the people who are dear to us and to be able to make a pact before our Creator that we would continue to love and cherish each other until our last breath. Hey, just thinking of that gives me excitement beyond words....

Well, I think being married with the man you love is every woman's dream. Having someone who would take care of you when you get old gives you assurance that whatever happens in the future - it would be bearable knowing you have someone to share the burden with... you have someone to lean on during tough times...

She is the singer - he is the dancer...both are serving God with their talents for God only knows how long. They've known each other for years but never imagined themselves being involved with each other. I am not really informed on how their relationship blossomed into something special. When I first heard that my niece Liezl will soon get married to her boyfriend - I was really shocked. I also know the guy as he used to be my Sunday schoolmate and as a dancer in the Church, we were never formally introduced...nevertheless, I know he is a great guy and since he love the Lord, I know he would also take care of our precious Liezl.

The wedding invitation was given to me by Liezl's sister, Joshua. She went to our place and personally gave me the invitation a day before the actual wedding so I really don't have any idea on what the motiff is and the type of clothes that we are suggested to wear. She personally hand me over the invitation to make sure that I'll be attending the celebration. To be honest with you, I am quite hesitant to attend at that time because I don't have a decent clothes to wear. It clearly states on the invitation that we are to wear cocktail dress or long gown! Are you kidding me??? How can I afford to buy a long gown nor to wear a cocktail dress. I can't even remember the time I last wore a skirt for crying out loud! My resources at that time are very limited and I only have P1300 left on my wallet. I don't intend to follow the protocol but when I let my officemates see the invitation - they all said that I need to dress up as the couple wants their guests to be on a strictly formal attire. At that time, I feel I could almost collapse.

So because of pressure, we went to SM North (with my hubby) to buy a cocktail dress. I tried almost 7 pieces but only liked 2. It would cost me more than I expected but decided to buy one - but at the back of my mind... I know I won't be able to wear it again! I just bought a white slacks and I'll just wear the top I picked for the wedding long before pa. Went home and fixed my nails and slept for just 2 hours. Mama came at 4 pm and off we went to the wedding at 6pm. By the way, I did not wear the blouse I picked for the wedding weeks before but rather wore the pink top I wore during my brother's wedding. Tsk tsk. I realized that I need to buy set of clothes for different occasions. I would invest on clothes from now on.

Anyways, the wedding is fabulous! I was able to see my churchmates before whom I was not able to see for almost 5 years. I say my ex sister in law's older sister - the one who told me before that I was so fat seems like my face already are covering my neck - but thanks to her , as she gave me the determination to lose extra pounds at that time. Old memories came back and it's a happy thought.

The wedding went well, but we need to go home early as I barely had any sleep. This day was a great day for my niece and I am very happy for her. Thank you Lord for giving her one of the best gift she could ever have... a dream wedding...

the bride and the groomwith the bride's family

we'll gonna have our dream wedding too, by faith we claim amen!


Awww...the couple looked cute together, and another "ohh" naman, had you known, naisuot mo sana yung blue top mo...yes, I do agree that you need to buy some pairs for special occasion, something that won't get out of fashion and you can still fit in for the whole entire year. I realized that when I worked in the call centers, I used to be a jeans and shirt person, and you know how strict they can sometimes be. At the time I can only get away with skirt and blouse, but slacks proved to be useful for night shifts! I really regretted not following my mom's advice of investing on pieces.

Anywho, you will get your heart's desire of having a great wedding, but I declare that you have a fruitful marriage together, in Jesus' name!

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