Yey Me Award Ako!

Thank you so much mommy riza of Crayon's and Pencils for giving me this award. I've been blogging since 2004, almost 5 years now, but I really never had any friends through the internet. Maybe because I don't look for one but I envy those people who finds real friendship and bloggers who talks as if they knew each other for years though they're only way of communicating is through their blogs. Many are even a thousand miles away from each other! I want to have a friendship like that as well so I promise to put more effort into it. Thank you for opening the doors for me again mommy riza!


imelda said…
its so easy to make friends in blogging. simply keep in touch and be the real you.hapi monday sis.
emotera said…
thanks ms. imelda. oo nga, dapat u update ur blog always and make sure you find time visiting other blogs para maupdate ka ng mga nangyayari sa kanila. thanks for dropping by!

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