What A Busy Christmas Week

What a busy week it was! I was really pressured and at the same time tired of thinking of how I can get rid of stress especially that I need to prepare myself for a number of celebrations on my list. Well, first and foremost… I was kind’a sad for the last two weeks because of what happened to my friend. She was forced to leave the account because of some company rules that she broke. Secondly, we had 2 Christmas parties to attend to… one is the company sponsored party and one for the team. We also have new teammates so I’m still kind’a giving my best effort to get to know each one of them. Lastly, my sister who is based in Singapore is now visiting Manila and would stay at their house here in Project 8. I’m kind’a stressed because I need to make sure everything is in order. I need to paint the house, fix some broken furnitures, clean the drawers. I really want to have a break!!! I want to blog and finish my pending tasks but I am too tired to work at home. I even asked my friend Melai to do 2 reviews for me because those are about to expire very soon and in return I gave her 25% of my revenue from that entry. She did’nt want to accept it but I threatened not to give her anymore tasks if she continue to decline my offer… and so she did finally accepted the payment. I want to update all my blogs and find more ways to earn money online but my time is very limited and my energy is not enough. I know I need to have what they call will power. I need to earn more moolah so I can save enough for my retirement plan. I know I can reach my goal of resigning in February 22,2012. In Jesus name I pray… Amen!


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