I've Got A New Griller

Haller everyone! I'm back! Today is my restday and I am happy that I was able to spend the whole day with my lappy and my hubby (rhyming?) We'll just earlier today, I asked my hubby to buy me an electric griller...I don't know why I just suddenly asked him to buy one, and because my hubby is so "masunurin" as he is...he hurriedly went to Waltermart Munoz to buy one for me. He texted me saying he was not able to see the griller we saw before which only costs P1,200, but he does have an option to buy a bigger one and more expensive. I just asked him to go to SM North to check if there is a cheaper option and luckily there is! It only cost him P999 for a large griller like this:

He bought a fish (maya maya), tokwa, togue, and liempo. I hurriedly made fish fillet and seasoned it with salt and pepper. I also marinated the pork liempo with soy sauce and calamansi. Our lunch was superb! I love it!

We just can't get enough of our griller so we again cooked grilled liempo for dinner together with my favorite tokwa...

and he also made Banana Con Yelo so I could eat while I work on my blogs. Thank you baby!


Riza said…
Huy, ang sarap naman yan. Gusto ko naman, oven kase gusto ko ng mag bake ng mga cookies. Cookie junkie kase ako. Paborito ko rin ang tokwa pero yung sinasawsaw sa toyo, sarap nun! yum!
myles said…
haha mommy riza! oo naexcite akong ipost. gusto ko rin ng oven! waaahhh! sige pag ipunan muna yan, marami pang bayarin. hehe

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