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March 4, 2010

Dear God,

Wow, at last…it’s my OFF! Yahoo! Jojo fetched me at Munoz because we were supposed to have my celphone fixed. I bought a php 2000 worth of celphone at Ever Monumento but unfortunately we were not able to thoroughly check if it is working properly. The battery of the phone dies only after an hour after we had it charged. The USB cable is not working and the phone turns off by itself. I’ve learned a great lesson in buying without thoroughly checking the item while you’re in the store. Good thing, it is covered with one month warranty, however, Jojo forgot to bring the usb cable so we were left with no choice but just to go home and just go to the store tomorrow. I came home very exhausted and my hubby let me sleep while he cooks our lunch. My hubby is really the kindest man in the whole world. He takes care of me and looks over my needs more than his own. I really can’t ask for more. After he finished cooking our meal, he woke me up to eat our lunch. We experienced brown out at around 2pm and it’s really freakin’ hot so I really don’t feel like sleeping at all. We just saw the movie Iron Man on our small dvd player, good thing Jojo was able to have it charged, while I work on my beads. I organized my beads and boy, I really have a lot! It’s just so unfortunate that I don’t have a good talent in making original bead design. Maybe it takes practice and creativity to make a good bead design like what my friend Malen creates. I really admire her creations and mind you, she is really making a lot of money out of it. I just hope I can acquire her creativity and color coordination talent in bead making. I also want to have a business like her because I really want to save for my upcoming retirement. It took me an hour to make one bracelet…oh my. I guess I need to practice more often. When the power resume, I felt sleepy and tired so off we went to bed at 6pm and woke up at 3 am the other day. Thank you for this day Jesus, amen!


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