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March 5, 2010

Dear God,
Well, it’s such a great day for us. The original plan was to spend the day at the house and just go to the mall later this afternoon, but since it’s too hot outside…we just decided to stay at home and just work on the internet and watch tv. It’s summer time now but I really didn’t anticipate it to be this hot and humid. Pweh. Anyways, I worked on my blogs and made some changes on it. Im currently reading what Malen gave me, an ebook about how to improve adsense earnings. She said her income tremendously increased since she followed the tips included in the ebook. I actually started reading the first part and intend to make time to read the rest of the book on my next rest day. Anyways, we’ve watched the movie Arn through the dvd and slept at around 6pm. Woke up at 3am and had our dinner. Watched Narnia while working on my blogs and writing some paid reviews. I really need to work on this and make time for SEO. I want to write useful articles and not just fillers for my paid reviews. I want to make an impact and I want to have loyal readers. I am currently working on my keywords. I have ten active blogs and I want to have targeted keywords for each to improve my online income. I guess I need to know the in and out of online business if I intend to make this as my primary bread and butter in the next two years. It’s kinda complicated but I inted to have it one step at a time and I have little goals for now. I hope I can make it big in the future. Till next time!


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