Team Building the Prophet's Way

I will make some changes on my bl0gs and I decided to make this one my online diary. I would take note of what's been going on with my daily life and hopefully I could show to the world how God was able to help me cope up with all the challenges I face in my everyday life. Join me in my aim to conquer my own life battles and walk with me while I experience God's love and grace in my life. Hope I can somehow touch at least one's life with this blog and inspire him to wholeheartedly entrust his life to the one true God.

MARCH 1,2009

Last Monday was a great time for the team prophets to bond as we had our team building at Lancaster Hotel Shaw Blvd. We booked for their largest room where we enjoyed the luxury of enjoying a 3 room unit. Since I had a shift prior to that day, I need to go home first and rest while my other teammates already headed to the hotel as early as 2PM. I need to go home and fixed my things and of course, I need to have my much needed rest. I know myself and I know that if I’m deprived of sleep…I can’t think straight. So right after our shift, I came home, ate lunch with my hubby and had my 5 hour sleep. I came to the hotel at around 7pm as I still need to buy a cake so people who are not able to make it on my birthday can still eat a piece of my cake. I did’nt know that they are all waiting for me before they go swimming so I immediately changed my clothes and off we went to what they call the Peak which is the highest floor of the hotel where the swimming pool is located. It is really a fantastic view up there! We had our photo session and had our usual chit chat and laughing session. Ang lamig and I swear, I enjoyed every second we had up there. We had our dinner while singing with the videoke player I brought that night. After a hearty dinner, we also saw a horror movie “possession” which I also brought. I wonder what we would do if I did not bother to bring the videoke and bring a dvd… I think we would just stare at each other as we don’t have any other activities. All eyes became heavy at around 1 am and we all decided to call it a day. They all slept at the rooms upstairs but Melai and I decided to just sleep downstairs. I never thought that I would hear a silly confession from Melai that made me cry. I hugged her and prayed that everything would be ok in the life of my sister. I really feel her heartache and I am just so touched that she is confident that I would keep her secret… and of course I will.

Anyways, we slept at around 3 am and woke up at around 8 am. We again decided to swim but we are too early. The attendant said the pool will be opened at around 9:30 am and we are 30 minutes earlier than that…so what we did is we took the time to again have a photo session beside the pool. We really can’t get enough of our pictures and since I and PJ both have our cameras with us plus GK’s camera in his cellphone… we had more than a hundred photos all in all…just because we are trying to kill the time while waiting for the pool to open.

After our swimming session…we ate our breakfast. They ordered 2 KFC bucket meal. Jojo fetched me at around 11 am so I went home ahead of them. They are actually teasing me because I came very late and I’m also the earliest to leave, lol. They can’t blame me… I had my shift prior to this day and also had a shift later. I need my much needed sleep so as to survive my night shift. In general, we really had a great time! This is the first time I had the chance to stay overnight in a hotel and I may say… I want to experience this again. Till next time!


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