Transportation and Budget

March 3, 2010

Dear God,

This is my last shift for this week, yahoo! Well, as always, I with Jojo again went to the office riding a cab which means another P150 was spent for nothing. I would confess that Jojo, my hubby, still comes with me to the office everyday which means my transportation budget is for two people. My actual fare to and from the office for myself is P75 so it would cost us P150 daily just to be able to go to my shift. That’s a lot! If we’ll take a cab, it would mean an additional P50 so it would be P200. Phew! I think I need to think of ways on how to save on our transportation. I really hope they would be able to finish the MRT extension project the soonest possible time so I could just take the MRT and Jojo need not to accompany me on my way to the
office. It would just cost me Php 94 if I would just be taking the MRT route. Well, I don’t have any complain at all… my sister is the one paying for the house we are living in right now and we are living comfortably in that two room apartment and I could not ask for more. Thank you Lord for all your blessings to us and thank you for my sister’s life and I pray you also continue to bless her. Amen.


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