Simplify by Bo Sanchez

Just after reading the "Simplify" book by Mr. Bo Sanchez, I knew for a fact that I have a higher calling. God has ordained me to do a lot of things for his own glory. He planted a desire in my heart to work part time so I could have enough time to serve Him and serve others as well. He wants me to have financial stability to have the courage to facilitate the mission He gave me in this lifetime. I know I'm not made just to exist - I know each and everyone of us is made for a single purpose - that is to glorify God through the life we live in. It does'nt matter if you are a teacher, a construction worker, a plain housewife - each of us have corresponding circle of influence...we need to utilize whatever we have to serve the Lord. I know I've been so spiritual on this post but it is more of a realization - a reflection of what the purpose of life is. I highly recommend the book especially to those individuals who are still struggling to know what path to take. Simplify by Bo Sanchez is really a must read for everyone!

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