My Calling

Woke up at around 2 am today. As usual, I worked on my blogs while hubby cook our dinner after which we saw a movie through our dvd player again. I am beginning to learn a lot of things on how to optimize my blogs. Slowly learning about SEO stuff and I am loving it! I love to learn new things on how to improve my readership and my stats. I feel that this is my be a blogger so I could work part time and share my views to the world about how much God really loves mankind. Maybe I could share my own experiences so I could be a
blessing to others. I also want to work part time at home by working on my blogs so I could find ample time to go to church and serve the God who gave me my life through singing. I would be able to find time glorifying God and find time with my family as well. I believe that I work to live - not the other way around.

How about you, what's your life purpose? God bless everyone!


Marissa said…
We have the same mindset dear, and I'm still actually guilty of not giving him time. I still have lapses in my meditations and attending church and most of the time rely on online preachings. Bad Marissa.

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