A Crazy Month

Mid July to mid August is the craziest months of this year for me. I 've fooled myself believing a lie and an illusion which led me to sorrow and despair. But that chapter of my life just ended this week, after a big revelation. I won't dig deep into that as it would only open old wounds. I would just like to tell the world that I have survived and managed to stand up after a big mistake. I am now picking up the pieces and trying so hard to bring back my passion to write. I lost so many writing opportunities as I wasn't able to find time to write because of some emotional mishap. It's been so hard for me to think and formulate ideas as my mind has been occupied with so many illusions. I would like to create more blogs, write more useful articles and begin reaching out to other bloggers. I would also want to earn more through my paid blogging but promise not to overdo it. I just want to make sure that when I retire in a year, I would have enough savings to start a new life. Still thinking of what theme would I use to start a new blog but whatever it is, I would make sure that it would interest me enough so I would be inspired to blog more.


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