A Conversation

Well, I got to talk with my previous officemate from Maersk who is asking for my opinion about working in a company where my former friend is the manager. I used to work for the same company before and had a very bad experience. My former supervisor in that website company was one of my bestfriends. She offered me that job because I am really pissed with my current job at that time which is a Customer Service Representative at Globe Telecom. To tell you the truth, I cry a river everyday on my way to Globe that time maybe because that is the first time I'll gonna be working in a call center scenario and I guess I was "culture shocked". Haha, anyway, the reason why I took the job for my friend as a Shop and Travel Associate is because she told me that I would get a compensation benefit after a year that would amount to probably half a  million! Who would not resist such offer, she herself believes in that compensation package promised by the company so I thought it's true which turned out to be fake. Well, back to my previous officemate who asked for my advice, I told her about my experience in that company. My ex bestfriend who used to be my superior didn't know how to treat her employees well. She always get angry at me on a little mistake and always says things like "you need to do good because I'm the one who recommended you to my boss". I still managed  to go to work for three long months until one day, I reached my boiling point. I've talked to her regarding this, told her that I need to resign because a better opportunity presented itself to me. Of course it's an alibi. I just don't like working for her anymore. My self esteem reached the bottom line and I'm not happy anymore. It seems like she is only seeing my mistakes and ignores my hardwork. Of course, I'm kind enough not to say it to her, as a friend, I still want her to feel that I have nothing against her. Surprisingly, she got mad. I cried because she is telling me things like, "ahas ka" or "wala kang utang na loob". I don't deserve being treated like that and to my dismay, I run away from the office crying - pledge to never go back again. I asked my boyfriend to give her my resignation letter and that ended our friendship. I really wasn't able to inform my former officemate about the real deal but I still warned her about working for that company especially when I've learned that she would be under my exbestfriend. Well, I know I should not think much of this, past is past. I'm happy now with what I have and my present job. I just hope that if she would get hired, she won't experience the same thing bad treatment I had with her...


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