For Book Lovers

We we're again permitted to go home early today. I came home at around 1 am and again watched a horror movie flick with my hubby. Though half hearted, I can't resist the offer of going home earlier than usual. I know that the number of hours that I didn't work would be deducted on my salary but I still can't resist the urge of sleeping early and being able to do the things you want to do like reading books, blogging and watching a movie instead of working. Anyways, speaking of books...I was able to find a site where you could borrow books! You don't need to purchase those books and keep them in a shelf. This is good for those people who does have very limited space in their house. Check for Netflix for Books and you'll be amazed on how large their collections are. I would definitely get my membership soon, I hope my salary would allow me to do it. Sigh.


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