Getting Better

After my shift yesterday, I slept for two hours because I really don't feel like doing anything after what I have discovered. I feel numb already and I feel really tired so I took a nap. Woke up and lunch is ready, of course courtesy of my jojo. Worked on my blogs, changed some templates - making it more adsense friendly. Need to earn as much as I can so I could buy our dream house. Well, I went to my shift today and as expected...we were permitted to go on VGH around 11:30! Wow, I've only worked for 2.5 hours phew! Haha, goodluck on payday. Earlier that shift, Melai shared a sad story to us regarding the wedding of her sister. She even cried while were on avail but she doesn't want to share it to us. I just hope and pray that she is okey. Went home with Joy riding a cab. Jojo fetched me at Jollibee Munoz at around 2 am. Slept at around 4am with an aching tooth, I guess I need to have a temprary tooth refill again. Woke up at around 9:30 am and had a general cleaning. Need to have a clutter free life from now on. Thank you for everything Lord. To you be the glory.


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