It's My Bestfriend's Birthday!

Today was supposedly my bestfriend's 31st birthday! It should've been a happy celebration, only if the celebrant  is alive. I missed our kuitan and the kainan session in their house. She never failed to invite me to join them in every celebration, whether it be her birthday or her family's. I really miss her. Just recently, I had the chance to meet with our fellow high school friend Odette. Michael our gay barkada wasn't able to make it. If Divine is still alive, I bet it would be a happy reunion indeed. I felt loneliness at that time because I've realized that it's not as happy as it was before. I missed her. I also lost another friend Maricel which is also a part of our barkada. I fondly recall what we call our group, the B-MEN. We called ourselves BMEN because B is the starting letter of our tukso sa isat isa. We are 5 in the group, Divine who we fondly call Bunganga.., Marcicel was called Buto, Jhoanna who we call Bungal, Micheal which obviously was a Bakla and me who they call Baboy. Hahaha. It's such a happy pretensions. I miss it so badly.

I know wherever she is, my bestfriend is now a happy camper. She is now sitting beside our dear Lord. She is now in heaven- a place where there's no pain and no sorrow. I miss her terribly but I know one day, we'll be able to have a happy reunion again - this time in the Lord's place...


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