Manic Depression

I woke up at around 11:30 am, fresh from VGH. Though my status at Facebook yesterday is "‎i need to resist your charm tonight VGH..." - I still can't say NO to it. I need to make myself happy and I know that staying at the office won't help me. I need a breather but I wasn't able to get it last night. Though hubby fetched me at the office, we were not able to find any open food stall in Ortigas area which forced us to just find one at our place in Munoz. It really didn't help at all.

Anyways, I asked him to cook sinigang tomorrow for lunch because I really was craving for it since last night. I refused to eat Sinigang at the pantry since we will be eating out but was disappointed when we can't find any open carinderia anywhere. I had no choice but to just go to Munoz with hubby at 3am and just search for one. We've only found a small lugawan and without any other choice ordered two bowls. Same old, same old. I don't know what's the source of this manic buddy, Ice, told me that maybe it's because of lack of physical activity or maybe lack of sun shine. I guess she's right, for the past two weeks I was contained here at the house due to lack of budget. Last payday was the worst as I've got a salary P3k short of what I expected because of VGH and other loan deductions. Hays. I hope next week will be diffrent. I don't want to be lonely anymore.Maybe, once I already received Ate's monthly padala, I can use a portion of it first so I can go shopping and buy some stuff for the house and I'll just pay it on payday. I want to be happy and maybe shopping some clothes and having a haircut and a footspa could help. Thank you for this day Lord.

By the way, saw the news today about the Bus Bombing in the Philippines, I was shocked! Will post my views about this tragic incident on my other blog. Super sad day for all the Filipinos.


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