My Mood is Back!

Hey there! I'm happy to inform you that my happy mood is back! I guess Ice is correct, I just need to have time and energy to go out. When I received my sisters monthly allowance, I immediately bought some comfort food! Haha, maybe I need to reward myself once in a while. My sister is the one who pays for the rent of the house and I am so thankful to God that He touched my sisters heart to help us. Since our payday would still be on Friday, I borrowed P2000 from our rent allowance so hubby and I could  go out. We strolled around Trinoma and bought some shirts for the office. Had our weekly grocery also at Walter Mart. It's really a nice feeling being able to buy stuff for yourself and for the house. I hope and pray that I could be able to save so we could buy our dream house too. I also hope that hubby could pass his seaman training with flying colors. Bless our lives Lord and may we always bless You as well with our lives. Amen.