Start with the Hair

I’ve had a few realizations after I’ve read a quote from one of the tweets of my friend…he said that if you want to have something new in your life…do something new. I guess it hit me. I always complain of having a boring life when I really don’t do anything to spice it up. Good point, so now I’ve decided to improve everything in my life. Starting with my hair, haha! I’ve been having some issues with my hair for quite sometime now. It’s so dry! Maybe because I’ve been dying it regularly and when I say regularly, it’s twice a month! LOL. I gues I need to stop harassing my hair. And as a gift for myself and as a starting point… I would buy one of those Babyliss Pro Ceramic Flat Iron for my hair. It promises to create a smooth, shiny and frizz free finish for my hair and even emits reflective ions to revitalize it. I like! I should have thought of it long before my hair got so damaged. The last time I had to pamper my hair was when my sister from Singapore sent me a bottle of Kerastase shampoo and Loreal Leave-In Creame. My hair got really shiny and manageable that time. Maybe I could include those products in my shopping list. I would start to fix my hair … and I’m sure everything else in my life will follow.


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