Internet Free Days

Sorry wasn't able to update you of what's going on for five days! It's because we forgot to pay for our monthly internet bill for the month. LOL. The payment is ready since the 30th of January and it is not due until February 3 but we've lost track of time and were so lazy going to the Bayad Center in Munoz. Finally, when we've learned that our landline has already been cut off, we hurriedly went to Waltermart Munoz and paid the bill so they could reactivate the service within the next 24 hours. Since our much awaited movie of Anthony Hopkins is now showing, we hurriedly bought some tickets which only cost us P260 for both. Waltermart movie house is so cold and cozy compared to SM and the tickets are much affordable too. It's been a scary experience inside the theater house as I thought we're the only ones inside. And since the movie we are about to watch is about exorcism, it felt so creepy. Good thing, someone at our back coughed which means there's someone somewhere with us inside. It has been a great movie, about a priest who lost his faith. About a priest who used to do exorcism but has also been possessed because he lost his faith. It's a great thing to be able to watch quality movies once in a while. Went home at around 8 pm and watched some programs at Nat Geo and Discovery Channels till 11pm. It's been another great day spent with the love of my life.


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