Birthday Prayer

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And my birthday prayer to the man I love.... "Lord, please bless Jojo. I know you know what the desires of his heart are, you're a witness to all his frustrations and fears, you know what his sacrifices are just to make this relationship know how hard he tries to be a good husband to me and a good son to his know everything he has in mind. Lord, whatever those are, please have your way in him. I hope he would continue to be the man he is right now. The same Jojo I've come to know four years ago. Same caring and kind hearted man who never fails to bring a smile to my face after a hard day, the same Jojo who always considers my own welfare first before his, the same guy who loves me unconditionally inspite and despite of everything. I am so lucky to have a husband like Jojo who does'nt care if I'm getting bigger and bigger everyday, who does'nt require me to do the dishes and fix the house or wash our have someone who after a "major tampuhan" would sit beside me and would want me to explain myside first before he utter his. ..a very loving and sweet soul who gave his heart to me without asking anything in return...." To you Lord, I offer my life and my love to Jojo and if I will be blessed to have him forever, please bless us and I hope I can be the one that can make him happy. Amen"


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