Consistency and Discipline

As time goes by and my retirement date is fast approaching, I began to feel fear inside me. I fear for the future and what it holds for me. I'm afraid to fail in this life, I'm afraid not being able to live comfortably after I quit this job. I know my hubby won't leave me alone but in our situation right now, I'm afraid if we don't save...my plans of being a part time housewife will never come true. I know I'm the one who asked my hubby to stop working and just concentrate on our online work but our online income isn't enough to run a family. I know I still need to allow him to work for his own self fulfillment and to also help in our finances. Lord, I don't know what path you want me to take. I don't want to plan for anything anymore as of this point because things right now are not going to the way I want it to be. Help me organize my thoughts and achieve one goal at a time, consistently. I don't want to take note of a task again, feeling disappointed because I wasn't able to do it. Help me be consistent and disciplined Lord. Amen.


Sayaka said...

I hear you, I feel the same but not with retirement, but I just can't wait until I finish my studies and really get a job as a programmer. My mom encouraged me to go back to school so I can give my kids a real good life, she's not really an advocate of call centers because my sisters and I only got sick if not she disliked the fact that we're losing touch with family and real friends.