I Miss You Syana!

I would be seeing my dear friend Christiana next week with my two other friends Malen and Ruthie. It's been a decade since the last time I've seen her and I bet there are so many things that has been changed. First and foremost, she is now a wife to his husband Jhun. They have been married for almost a year now but since they are already based in Canada...we were'nt able to witness it. Secondly, I've heard the good news that she will also be a mom soon! Wow, that's the best news I've heard from her so far. They've been praying to have one long before and I'm happy their prayers have been answered.

Before I heard the good news, I planned to buy her one of those scarf I've seen in a mall. I have one with the exact same design which has been earning so many praises from my officemates.But since I've learned that she would be a mom soon, I've changed my mind. Instead, I'll gonna just buy something for her baby. I've discovered this cool site called Posylane which sells out all kinds of baby and toddler stuff. I picked that cute preschool nap mat and those stephen joseph backpacks cat quilted toddler backpack. I picked a neutral color because they are still aren't sure if their baby would be a girl or a boy. I love all the stuff their selling on that site and I ended up buying a cute lunch totes for my nephew as well for his birthday. I am also planning to buy another nap mat for another friend who'll gonna be giving birth to her child next month.

I am so excited to see my college bestfriend, we had so many memories together and our lunch date this Saturday would definitely be a wonderful and memorable experience for all of us.


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