Kirsten's Birthday

Met my highschool friends again last Friday, March 11. Actually, the birthday celebrant Kirsten texted me a month before for her birthday and I promised her that I would be there. The day before the celebration, me and hubby went to Landmark/Trinoma to buy a shirt that I will wear specifically for the occasion and I already bought gifts for her. Strangely, on the day itself...though it's my restday...I feel so "tamad". I really planned of backing out since my friend Odette will not come since she does have work now in a call center as well. Luckily, when I texted my friend Pipa...he agreed to meet up with me so we can go together to the party. I've learned that his new boyfriend will come along with us. We then met up at GMA Kamuning MRT station where I was accompanied by my hubby. We will then go to the party together which will be held in Faustinos Grill in Timog. I'm thrilled to see my classmates I've never seen for almost sixteen years maybe? I'm so excited to chat with all of them. After the long chickahan, videoke and picture taking sessions the party ended but the birthday celebrant as well as my other friends decided to eat out again this time in Mr. Kebab. This is the first time I've tried that restaurant and I think their menu is affordable. I love their Strawberry Youghurt Shake which only costs P45. I ordered a chicken kebab with rice but I don't like the taste though their fried rice is superb! Maybe I should have tried their beef or pork kebab instead. The chicken dish they served me reminds me of nilagang manok without the soup. In general, I'm happy I didn't backed out. I had so much fun tonight! I feel I belong as ladyboy friends are so funny! I would definitely want to meet up with them again maybe for a sumptuous meal and maybe a movie date would do. Aja!


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