Lesson Learned

Remember my previous post about a friend who called me "tsismosa"? Well, were ok na. He texted me just before I go to the office asking me if it's dress up that day. Though it's not anywhere related to our slight "tampuha", I take it as a sign of "pag-aalo". I know somehow he knew that he've hurted someone so it's a good thing he was the one who made the first move. I know naman sooner or later it will be fixed, I just didn't expect it to be that early. Anyways, I invited him to a private chat where I poured out what I felt and made some clarifications. It went well but I was kind'a shocked with some of his words. I never thought he was such a fierce guy, we'll I've learned so much from this situation. Not all jokes are to be uttered loudly. Though the party concerned is laughing about a certain thing, it doesn't mean that he agrees to it. Maybe he is just hiding his true emotion so as not to create any anymosity between the group. Thank you for this day Lord Jesus. Another lesson learned.


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