I Need to Teach Him a Lesson

My father just called in earlier today. He again wants me to give him his allowance in advance because their electricity will be cut off if they won't be able to pay it in time. This is not the first time he asked for money without prior notice...and God knows I always try to help him especially when I feel that he is already helpless. But this time it's different. Just last week I asked him to help me make some minor renovations on the store. I gave him money to pay for the carpenter as well as money to buy some linoleum for the flooring. I thought I already made it clear to him but I was shocked when he called me up the day after saying he wants me to give him another 1k as payment for the carpenter. I almost freaked out as I told him I do have a limited budget. Every cent I pay for the construction of the store is just enough for such budget and theres really no room for extra expenses. I guess he also felt that won't give in to his request so he agreed to just have the construction moved till the end of the month (which I would be the one to pay, again!).

I thought he already understood me, but to my dismay, he again called me up asking if I could give him his allowance in advance! I nearly cried, saying I don't want to hear such thing anymore. I don't know why my father always have a debt. I thought he already is a renewed man but just recently, my stepmother told me that he is still hooked into gambling. I try to understand him till now but I guess I need to give him a lesson. He can't always assume I always have money for him as I also have my own personal expenses. I never forget my responsibilities for them, for mom and dad, but I want them to enjoy the money I am giving them. I want them to experience living the life without worries and yet he always have a problem with money.

I would just let it pass this time. I can't always give in to his request because he might think it's okey to spend his money on his vices because her daughter always provides. I hate to do this but he needs to learn the hard way. Lord I pray that my father can experience the good life while he still can. Help me to be an instrument to this. Amen.


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