Another Business Venture

Finally, after two months of waiting, we were finally able to open our store...just in time for the town fiesta last Sunday. The day before that, I and my hubby bought our stocks at the nearby Puregold Sta. Mesa. It's been a nice experience, we were able to bond and give out our own personal opinions on how to manage our store. I asked my hubby to just concentrate on our business instead of working abroad as I really can't imagine myself living alone anymore. Well, enough of the drama. We just promised ourselves that we would work harder so we could live comfortably and save for our future family. Lately, it seems like everyone is persuading us to start a family. Get married and have children. Yup, I think it's high time to get married already and have children of my own since I'm not getting any younger. At age 31, I should already have my first born. Well, if God would permit, I know it would happen. For the meantime, we need to focus ourselves in our business first. Things are doing pretty well right now, hopefully our business would be a huge success. Wish me luck!


i am happy that you're finally making your dreams come true, haist, i can't wait till i make mine a reality na rin... :)

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