A Little Drama

August 31, 2012
Friday Morning
9:05 am

It's my rest day! Finally! After a week of working 10 hours daily, finally we get to rest and enjoy our off. What's good is that it falls on a payday! woohoo! I was really shocked to know that the pay this cut off is waaay better than the previous ones. It's like it's 150% of the usual salary I received in the past. Makes me think twice in resigning soon. Well, I love the company, it gives me the freedom to choose the path I want for my life. I would probably have to extend my stay till next year...well see.

Hubby went to the bank today to deposit our house monthly ammortization. Mom came at aroun 2PM and had a heated discussion with me regarding her allowance. I cried again. It's just because I pity myself. I know I have a responsibility to my parents, I know in return for their care and sacrifices in the past...I have a monetary obligation to them. What I don't like about the situation is that, she makes it obvious that she is obligating me. Like for example, I wasn't able to give her allowance last payday, she would treat it as my debt and she expects me to pay her this cut off which means I would need to give her double this time. When I told her I'll just give her when I'm able...she got mad. I understand her in that part but I just wish she won't be so straight forward about it. Well everything's already settled and I already said sorry if I offended her. Maybe I should also be careful with what comes out of my mouth from now on...


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