Borough Brekky

August 25
Saturday Afternoon
5:22 PM

I was about to get ready to go to work as my shift tonight will start at 8:15 PM however I feel I need to blog about what happen to my day in a daily manner to make it a habit. So here I am documenting important things that happened earlier.

I and Icey was invited  by Mark Yu, our batch mate (actually I forced him to invite us) for a quick breakfast at Borough Podium. I've never heard of the place but Ice told me its cozy. So after our shift,we went directly to the place and yes it is, the place is indeed cold, cozy and class. Mark is already waiting for us inside. The reason why he will treat us for breakfast is because he was promoted as a Quality Specialist. Well, I was shocked to know at first that I was not even asked to be interviewed for the same position. As far as I can remember, I passed my application last February and haven't heard of any openings yet. However, I've learned that the position are already being offered to them because they have been interns for more than once already so I understood. There would still be a lot of opportunities for me so I won't stop reaching for the stars, naks. And besides, Mark is really deserving and he is my batch mate so I'm happy that he was selected for the job.

Anyways, I ordered Borough breakfast. It's an egg omelette with a twist. It does have ham and bacon and spices in it. I am not really impressed with the meal but since it cost Mark P280, I ate it all. Hahaha. It's such a wonderful time for the three of us to bond after soooo many years, six years almost. We talked about our batchmates, where they've been...I've learned about some office rumors and he shared some tips to us on how to survive in a tough competition for power in the office.
After that, he even paid for my fx fare to Megamall...such a galante friend. Met Jojo at commonwealth market at around 9am. I'm a tired, sleepy but happy girl.

Lord, thanks for this day. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to bond. Thanks for the chance to talk to my friends at the office. To you be the glory Lord. Amen.


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